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Hundreds of restaurants and grocers trust Coastline for top-quality, sustainable seafood. We make it easy for businesses to source consistent and fully traceable ingredients.

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1. Find the seafood products you need, all on one platform.

2. Tap to place your order and conveniently pay via Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

3. Higher quality, fully traceable seafood is delivered directly to your business.

One stop seafood shop

Place one-time orders and standing orders in a simple app. Coastline works with a vetted community of harvesters and companies to provide guaranteed consistency, quality, and variety.

The story behind your seafood

Traceable seafood, harvested on demand. Examine how and where your seafood was caught, before you purchase.


Set & forget ordering

Create standard or recurring orders at the click of a button. Plans changing? Click the order amount any time to adjust the volume for the next delivery date.

Products listed on Coastline are consistent and guaranteed at listed prices. Choose your desired products and receive instant confirmation instead of leaving voicemail or emailing reps.

Simple invoicing and payment

Eliminate headaches by automatically forwarding invoices to accounting, management, or team members.

Choose Bank Transfer or Credit Card to automatically remit payment, without spending countless hours tracking invoices or sending manual cheques.

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