Our Mission

Reinventing seafood sourcing, worldwide.

A simple, on-demand marketplace.
Coastline was started with a simple question: why don’t more businesses source direct from fishers, harvesters, and aquaculture farmers? Asking this question revealed some unfortunate facts: seafood is often held in storage for weeks, is shipped overseas and back, changes hands multiple times, and is often misrepresented. We want to help change this. Since launching in 2016, Coastline has been the platform-of-choice to source seafood from vetted producers. Hundreds of top chefs use our one stop shop to source fresh, live, and frozen seafood from the world’s top producers.

Our Culture

Experiment often but ship quickly.
Be data-driven but avoid analysis paralysis. Combine intuition with available data from customers, partners, and industry data to make informed decisions. Know what you don’t know - and take action correspondingly.

Humbly execute and share perspectives.
If you think you can add value, voice it and step up. Be obsessed with feedback (from peers, customers, partners): actively giving it, receiving it, encouraging it.

Focus on meaningful output.
Delivering meaningful work while knowing your limits. Move the needle, if your work isn't moving the needle reinvent your work until it does. Be intellectually curious and find new information whenever possible.

Don't be afraid of failure.
Failure is often better than inaction. Create an open environment of acceptance, where everyone can fail safely and learn. Publicly thank people for their efforts and celebrate those who pioneer new ideas (regardless of result). Be a team through and through.