Meet our fishers and harvesters

Larry Hillis

Larry is a second-generation commercial fisherman based out of Steveston. Born into a fishing family, Larry and his brothers continue to run the family business. As their children grow older, they too are becoming involved with the boat and learning the life of a fisherman.
BOAT The Haste
GEAR Bottom Trawl
SPECIES Lingcod, Sole, Rockfish, Pcod
AREA Queen Charlotte Sound

Mica Verbrugge

Mica is a former commercial fisher who's been self-employed his whole life. Born and raised in Port Alberni, he started his career at the age of 7, planting, germinating and caring for flowers. 20 years (and over 50 jobs in 3 countries) later, he ventured into the tuna/prawn industry before transitioning into shellfish.
GEAR Tray Harvest
SPECIES West Coast Oysters
AREA Barkley Sound

Francis Van der Sande

Along with his wife Julia, Francis is the owner and operator of Ta-Nika, a family-run vessel. Francis became co-owner and the skipper of Ta-Nika in 2012, with Julia joining a few years after. Francis specializes in frozen-at-sea products that are as fresh as the moment it left the sea.
BOAT Ta-Nika
GEAR Hook and Line
SPECIES Salmon, Tuna, Rockfish
AREA Haida Gwaii

Tom Humchitt

Tom Humchitt has been fishing for over 40 years as a commercial fisherman based out of Bella Bella, in northern B.C. Tom harvests a diversified set of seafood, including roe on kelp, chum, spring, rockfish and halibut. Tom is currently the skipper and captain of the Northern Pilot, a 32- foot fishing vessel.
BOAT Northern Pilot
GEAR Longline & Gillnet
SPECIES Salmon, Halibut
AREA Seaforth Channel

Stewart McDonald

Stewart is a third-generation commercial fisherman based out of Vancouver, B.C. He primarily fishes for crab, spot prawns and salmon. Stewart fishes out of English Bay, Howe Sound and the Fraser on his boat, the Lormax. Catch him selling his seafood off the dock at the False Creek Fisherman's Wharf!
BOAT Lormax
GEAR Trap & Gillnet
SPECIES Salmon, Crab, Spot Prawns
AREA Howe Sound

Joe Curley Jr.

Joe is a hook-and-line fisherman based out of Tofino, B.C. As part of the five First Nation communities that make up the T’aaq-wiihak fishery, Joe is a artisianal fisher catching just a few individual salmon per trip. Fishing under DFO quota, Joe focuses on single day trips to deliver the freshest seafood possible.
BOAT Independent
GEAR Troll - Hook and Line
SPECIES Salmon, Halibut
AREA Tofino