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Coastline's Vision

Coastline Market connects commercial fishers directly with retail buyers in local geographies. Through our web & mobile marketplace, we enable fishers to earn more by skipping the middleman and sell direct to retail buyers – all without having to coordinate sales or logistics. Meanwhile, our platform enables restaurants to source fresher seafood for less and view traceability metrics on when, where and how the seafood was caught.

Why Coastline?

Large Opportunity

Industry Size: $232 billion USD (Worldwide)
Initial Target Market: $10 billion USD (North America)

Vast, Trust-Centered Ecosystem

Regularly engaged with leading stakeholders and associations across Canada and the US. Trust-based environment makes our model difficult to rapidly replicate.

Sustainability + Profit

Overfishing, seafood mislabelling an opaque supply chains pose a serious threat to the health of our oceans. Fishers are often exploited are often forced to overfish to make a living. Coastline Market is a sustainable model for fishers to earn more (typically 150 - 250% more) for each fish that they sell. Further, with less intermediaries and minimized food miles, restaurants not only pay less but they help reduce the environmental impacts of transporting and preserving catch.

Favourable Market Trends

The United Nations' latest report identified that the world consumption of seafood hit a record high in 2016. Globally, an average human consumed over 42lbs of seafood per year, compared to only 30lbs in 2004. Furthermore, direct-to-market fisheries (such as restaurant-supported-fisheries and community-supported-fisheries) have grown 100% per year over the past 5 years in Canada and the US.

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Last updated on November 1st, 2016.